Order Your Custom photo T-shirt with airbrushed back ground

Not just the run-of-the-mill computer transfers you can get from copy shops, but we can retouch, color correct, colorize, and turn to black and white any color photograph you give us. Yes, we are that good with computers!

          We can reproduce any image, artwork, logo, or photograph on our custom photo T-shirt with airbrushed back ground






   Or you can send your photo to info@alexairbrush.com from any device




You can also have t-shirt transfers made of your business logo directly from your business card, or from any camera ready artwork, or you can bring us in a disc and we can take it from there. You can also bring in any clear photograph and have us scan it to be made into a transfer. Just bring us or send us a clear 35mm print or printouts from your digital camera for us to scan, or bring in your floppy discs, CDs and even DVDs.

We can take your pictures from there and crop, enlarge, sharpen, brighten, darken, mask, and add lettering to them to create a unique gift for your loved ones. After we print out the transfer, we further customize it by adding our airbrushed effects, frames, borders and lettering to really make it something your friends will talk about!